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AUBURN, Ind.–The cars once owned by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, that are being auctioned off in Auburn, are examples of what sometimes happens to cars that are owned by celebrities.

“A lot of times, particularly in the case of the Mini [the 1965 Mini Cooper S&#93, they would have been getting a lot of cars, new cars,” said John Kruze, with Worldwide Auctioneers. 

The “Mini” he was talking about was owned by McCartney. All four Beatles got one in ’65. McCartney was particularly fond of the car and remembers it as the one in which he and Linda went on their first date.

“When a car would not be used as much, then their agents would say, hey the garage is full, so to speak. Let’s sell a couple of these. So, it’s not uncommon for these cars to find new homes,” said Kruze. John Lennon’s last car, a Mercedes-Benz diesel wagon, was also on display this week and up for auction.

“Neither of these cars have had a lot of owners. People knew, hey this is probably kind of a special thing. These guys are important figures, and so they’ve kept them.”

“Both of these cars have been in a museum in Florida for many years,” said Kruze. “They have cared for them and a lot of folks have been able to see them and enjoy ’em. Now the museum is shifting gears and gonna be doing some new displays.”

Kruze said the auction is a spectacular opportunity.

“There’s a good chance the next owners, which may very well be private, might keep them for decades. And, it might be the only time somebody gets a shot at these particular cars.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Worldwide Auctioneers