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(INDIANAPOLIS) – Indy’s fire department is remembering the more than 300 of their fellow firefighters who died at Ground Zero on 9/11. 

Indy’s Task Force One dashed to New York after the terror attacks to assist the search and rescue effort. Fire Chief Ernest Malone says in a way, every firefighter was there.

Malone spoke at a memorial mass at Scecina High School. He says the firefighters who died that day didn’t hesitate to uphold their oath to protect the people of New York, but went “straight up, 110 flights. Straight up, into the unknown.”

Two Indianapolis Fire Department ladder trucks held a giant garrison flag aloft outside the school. Inside, IFD displayed rows of photos from Ground Zero — some from news accounts, some taken by Task Force One. One firefighter brought home a Mountain Dew can found in the wreckage — dented but still unpunctured and full.

IFD photo display from Ground Zero (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)