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Photo Credit: Getty Images. Picture alliance / Contributor. *setting your roll of toilet paper on the rim of the bowl is not practially adviced. 

You’re minding your business rather finishing your business and instead of flushing your toilet starting pushing up water…


Overflowing toilets is something everyone has or will experience and with this you need to act quick to avoid further damages. It’s a very simple and quick process and we are going to show you how.


How To Stop Your Overflowing Toilet


  1. Remove the lid on the back of the toilet.

  2. Secure (push down) the flapper valve. The flapper is a rubber piece in the bottom center of the tank that when pushed down will stop more water from entering the bowl.

*Also try pulling up on the fluid level control device which is also in the tank connected to the flush handle.

  1. Turn off the water supply. This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you don’t know where it’s located you might be in deep doo-doo (hopefully you aren’t already.) The supply valve is near the floor or the wall behind the toilet. Turn it clockwise to close it off.  


With these three-steps your overflow nightmare should be over. Unfortunately you do have the aftermath to clean-up and you will want to call your landlord/plumber. Our thoughts are with you…





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