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(JB Lacroix/Getty Images)

On a dark December night in 1980, Mark David Chapman pulled a revolver from his waist ban, approached a couple entering their residence at the famed Dakota in New York City, and fired.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The target was hit four out of five times, then collapsed to the ground as the air left his lungs for the final time.

When the smoke cleared and the screams subdued, Chapman dropped the gun in horror, but it was too late. There would be no do-overs, no second chance. He’d missed Yoko Ono by a mile and the entire world would now collectively share in the consequences of his actions.

38 years later, that painful wound on society was torn open once again as Yoko Ono unveiled a revised edition of the John Lennon classic “Imagine” on what would’ve been the late musician’s 78th birthday. Adding insult to unbearable injury, the track will appear on Ono’s upcoming album Warzone, which arrives October 19th via Chimera Music.

Thanks a lot, “Chimera Music!” Is the entirety of your musical taste in your ass or just the majority of it?

WIBC hosts Nigel and Rob Kendall (in for Jason Hammer, who’s out this week recovering from emergency liposuction), played a sample of Ono’s latest audible turd on humanity. Click below to check it out!

(Caution: Common side effects to Ono’s music may include nausea, vomiting, constipation, bloating, gas, stomach pain, feeling like you need to urgently empty your bowels, an unbearable desire to end your life immediately)