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Photo Credit: Getty Images. Auscape / Contributor


Ground Ivy aka Creeping Charlie; a weed with a life of it’s own. If you have it, you may cringe at even hearing the word. Today we are here to help you get rid of it once and for all. (It’s easier than you think!) 


First and foremost you need to get a weed killer with carfentazone. Examples, Weed Free Zone or SpeedZone. 


Note: These products are a bit pricey, but it’ll really get the ivy. 


Next, use a basic pump tank sprayer and mix your product in with some dish soap. The dish soap will help the chemicals stick to the weeds. 


Finally, spray the area with your mix. Spray a couple times a week unitl gone. (And don’t worry about your grass, the product won’t hurt your lawn!)   


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