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(Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Megyn Kelly is out at 30 Rock, according to multiple media reports Friday.

After negotiating a terrible deal to ‘steal’ Kelly away from the Fox Network, incompetent executives at NBC were desperately looking for ANY excuse to fire the $69 million talk show host from her gig. Kelly gave them that excuse earlier this week, during a segment in which she said she saw nothing wrong with a white person dressing up as someone of a different color on Halloween, “if it’s respectful.”

Liberal lunatic, social justice warriors, and other persons suffering from extreme lack of common sense and absence of logic immediately lost control of their bowels and called for Kelly’s firing, twisting her words to imply she was in support of ‘blackface.’ 

Talk about ‘fake news.’

Regardless, Megyn Kelly is out and reportedly in talks with the Fox News Network about a potential return. 

Yeah, good luck with that, Megs.

The Chicks on the Right discussed Megyn Kelly’s firing on Friday’s show. Click below to check it out: