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MISHAWAKA, Ind. — With less than a week left until election day, prominent members of the Senate are helping campaign for Senate candidates across the U.S.

South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham was at Congresswoman Jackie Walorski’s offices in Mishawaka today stumping for Walorski and GOP Senate candidate Mike Braun.

“Mike’s the cavalry,” Graham said. “We need help! We need help in Washington!”

Graham spoke after Braun said a few words, most of which were on how he has a plan to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

“They should have called it the ‘Unaffordable Care Act’,” Braun said to the small gathering. “Pre-existing and no cap on coverage has to be apart of what we bring to the floor in ending the Unaffordable Care Act.”

Senator Graham agreed pointing out that Senator Donnelly cast the deciding vote that enacted Obamacare under the previous administration.

“I’m not here because I dislike Joe (Donnelly). Joe’s a great guy,” Graham continued. “But enough’s enough okay. Joe’s in a box. He’s in between the hard left and the energy of the Democratic part of Indiana, and the rest of us. That box is getting tighter. It’s not going to get better.”

Graham also said Sen. Donnelly was wrong to support the Iran Nuclear Deal calling the Ayatollah Khamenei a “religious Nazi.”

Sen. Donnelly is getting some reinforcements as well in the coming days. Friday former President Barack Obama will be with Donnelly in Gary.

(PHOTO: Pool/Getty Images)