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Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake doesn’t care for Donald Trump because he views the President as “a bully.” How fascinating considering Senator Flake is now making an attempt to block further confirmations of judicial nominees unless his demands are met on a bill to protect the Mueller investigation.

Cue the mafioso music.

While Godfather Flake has put forth a demand for a floor vote on legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller, no other Republican has joined his threat to block judicial nominee. Flake has the ability to stop the roughly two-dozen nominees awaiting a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, where Republicans have an 11-10 majority, but he can’t stop Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from confirming another 30-plus federal judicial nominees awaiting votes on the Senate floor, where the Republicans hold a two seat advantage, 51-49.

WIBC host Tony Katz tore into “Flake the Extortionist” in an epic monologue Friday morning. Click below to check it out: