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What builds a city and attracts new businesses, entrepreneurs, and younger, highly-skilled workers?

Aaron Renn from the Manhattan Institute joined WIBC host Tony Katz Tuesday to discuss what Midwestern cities are doing to compete with big cites on the East coast and in the South. 


“Cities are build on talent and opportunity more than anything. You have to have the human capital and then there has to be economic opportunity for them. And part of opportunity is infrastructure; people have to be able to get around.” 

“…Clearly a city like Nashville has a draw for people from all over the country. Indianapolis tends to draw from the rest of Indiana and the region whereas Nashville is more of a national draw.”

“…As far as Indianapolis drawing a national talent pool, they haven’t figured that out yet. The Midwest is a place that is pretty modest whereas the Florida and South Texas likes to brag a little more. Figuring out how to get your city’s name out there is key because reputation is extremely important. It’s almost like you have to do your best work first and then you get famous. Indianapolis will get there, but they haven’t figured that out yet.”

“…Indiana definitely has a cost and business climate advantage. Lots of cities have great restaurants and entertainment, although Indianapolis is certainly on the leading edge. What I would like to see restaurants locally do more interpretations of things like the breaded tenderloin. Do things that are unique about your city.”

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