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(Photo Credit: IndyGo, IndyGo Red Line)

“Why are we building a Red Line?” 

“Where is the alleged funding from the Federal government?” 

“Why is Indianapolis investing millions in rapid transit when it’s already been proven a colossal failure in other cities that have tried it?”

These are the questions that are being asked and puzzling the greatest intellectual minds of our time, and Monday morning, WIBC host Tony Katz embarked on his own personal historic journey for knowledge on the matter.  

Katz turned to WIBC traffic guru Matt Bair for an explanation of what’s been occurring along College Avenue (Matt wrote a blog post. You should read it.), but let’s face it: No matter how you attempt to make sense out of this ridiculous and unneccesary infastructure project, you’re going to find yourself stuck.

Click the link below for the full exchange between Tony and Matt. Spoiler alert: It’s hilarious.