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INDIANAPOLIS–A man who is AWOL from the Army, and who is charged with killing his wife and putting her body in a dumpster, has fled the country, say police. Police believe Peter Van Bawi Lian is in Thailand. 

They believe he had a fight with his wife in Colorado Springs, about her coming back to Indianapolis, where she had family. He was charged there Nov. 30, with assault. WISH-TV reports Lian told police he grabbed his wife around the neck and said “I’m going to kill you,”

Par came back to Indiana Dec. 1. Her husband followed Dec. 22, said police. 

Khuang Par’s body was found by a homeless person in Indianapolis, Dec. 23. It was stuffed inside a suitcase.

Police said Lian flew to Bangkok from Chicago, Dec. 23. He was supposed to return to the Army Dec. 26, and is now wanted for desertion. 


WISH TV’s Eric Feldman contributed to this story.