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Indiana State Representative Jim Lucas (R) joined Tony Katz and the Morning News Thursday to break down a litany of issues that will impact Hoosiers in 2019.

Rep. Lucas also offered a preview of what to expect as the new session for the Indiana General Assembly gets underway.

On Medical Marijuana:

“I got involved in this when the whole CBD oil fiasco began. We couldn’t decide if it was legal or illegal, and I started educating myself on CBD oil and hemp. And once you realize all the positive and the benefits that that brings, the natural segue was automatically into cannabis. And I am 100{a951f02a8cac8e6d7fde2726b1b22da104131bed62748b49fddce88fa07005a6} convinced that this is the right thing to do for Indiana.”

On the Second Amendment:

“I have a legislation proposed that provides a $200 state income tax credit for the completion of any firearms safety course or purchase of a firearms safety device. So I want to encourage and entice people to go out and do it. But criminalizing an action doesn’t stop the action as we see every day.”

On Indiana Budget Challenges:

“Education is at the top of the list because it receives over half of our state budget. School safety is a big issue – especially with what’s going on around the country.”

On School Safety and Arming Teachers:

“Train teachers – the teachers who want to be able to defend themselves and go home to their families at night after one of these horrible events. We should do everything possible. 

And I’ve reached out to some of Indiana’s most trusted people and developed a teacher training program that will prepare teachers so that they are better able to deal with that kind of situation than your average street cop.”

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