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MUNCIE, Ind. — A man with a warrant out in Marion County was found in Muncie.

Two Muncie police officers  noticed a man watching a student walk home from East Washington Academy on Monday.

Police described the man, Ezar Webb, as leaning against a mailbox outside his home. 

The girl he was looking at, looked nervous and concerned, said one of the officers. 

Webb told police he said hi to the girl just to be friendly. 

Police found out Webb’s a convicted sex offender and had a warrant issued in Marion County, where he failed to register, said the Muncie Star Press.

Webb also never registered with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office after he moved to Muncie, was living 850 feet from a school instead of 1,000 feet and was convicted in 2009 of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of a child in Illinois.

Webb was arrested on the Marion County warrant, and on three local charges of failure to register as a sex offender, failure of a sex offender to possess ID and a sex offender residency offense.

(Photo: Delaware County Jail)