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Hey, just because a government shutdown is in effect and 800,00 Federal workers are without paychecks doesn’t mean Democratic lawmakers can’t take in a show and soak up some rays (and donations) during their free off!

Roughly 30 Democratic members of Congress traveled to Puerto Rico this weekend – with their families and lobbyists – for a winter retreat where they also planned to see a special performance of the hit Broadway show “Hamilton.”

WIBC host Tony Katz commented on Democrats’ ‘working vacation’ Monday morning:

“Bad look, but will it matter? Probably not because the polling all says it’s President Trump’s fault. Lindsay Graham is telling President Trump, ‘Why don’t you open the government for 2-3 weeks, try to get something going on with the wall, and then if you have to, declare a national emergency and be done with it. Don’t bother with Nancy Pelosi if she’s not going to work with you – be the guy who puts people back to work and be done with it.’

But remember that the American left does not care about who is affected by this shutdown. The shutdown is a political fight; we know this.”

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