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Governor Eric Holcomb delivered his third annual state of the state speech Tuesday night, highlighting teacher pay and building a quality workforce as crucial in charting his course for the future of Indiana.

The Governor called on lawmakers to continue investing in education and workforce training programs; infrastructure, such as rural internet access; and Hoosier health, including programs to reduce the state’s worst-in-the-Midwest infant mortality rate.

One stand out from Holcomb’s address was his plan to free up funds at Indiana school corporations by reducing what districts pay in pension contributions for most teachers to 5.5 percent of salary, instead of the current 7.5 percent.

Holcomb said the state is prepared to allocate $150 million from its projected $2.2 billion budget reserve to the teacher pension account, which would bring it to 100 percent-funded status and permit the mandatory contribution rate to be reduced.

WIBC host Tony Katz offered his response to Governor Holcomb’s address in a hard-hitting commentary Wednesday morning. Click below to check it out: