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(Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun told WIBC host Tony Katz Wednesday morning he doesn’t see any movement from either Democrats or Republicans to end the government shutdown. 

The Senator said Democrats are responsible for the lack of progress and emphasized the need for Congress to take action. 

“President Trump said that we’re going to get something to put some border security in place and the Democrats have gone and [done] an about face from where they were willing to do so much here recently and now they’re digging in politically,” said Braun.

Braun added that funding for a wall should come out of the federal budget rather than the declaration of a national emergency by President Trump.

“I think if it did go to a declaration as a national emergency, it would immediately get caught up in the courts and I don’t know that it would accomplish what we all want to see done,” says Sen. Braun, who says he would still support the President’s decision if he were to declare border security a national emergency in order to try and start construction on a border wall.

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