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(Mayor Joe Hogsett/Getty Images)

WIBC host Tony Katz recently made the people of Indianapolis aware of the fact that Mayor Joe Hogsett has refused to do an interview with anyone from our radio station.

While it’s easy to point the finger at Mayor Hogsett, Katz says it’s actually the Mayor’s staff that’s to blame for the lack of access:

“I think it’s his staff – not him. His staff act like children! They don’t get back to you, they give you the brush off. And then there were weird things that took place during the first campaign where we’d tweet something out, and the chief of staff would re-tweet it, but he won’t respond to us. Creepy dude.

…And there is a whole child-like thing going on at the Mayor’s office, and everyone has noticed now. It’s awkward.

…There is staff around Mayor Hogsett that refuses to allow him to speak to the WIBC audience, and we talked about it yesterday.

…That brought in the chief of staff, Thomas Carl Cook, who wrote in a tweet, ‘This will no doubt come as a surprise to Eric Berman, whose numerous interactions with the Mayor over the years have somehow been wiped from the WIBC digital desk memory bank.”

Click the link below to hear Tony’s full response: