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INDIANAPOLIS--Volunteers in Indianapolis got to learn about trauma kits inside the Indianapolis Lodge of the Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP) Monday.  

The life-saving kits are used to help save a person’s life in incidents where there is major blood loss or when CPR needs to be applied. A $10,000 grant from the Rotary of Indianapolis helped get 110 trauma kits, which will go to officers in Morgan County, the Lawrence Police Department and other departments in need of the kits. 

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department already has the kits, thanks to money that’s been donated, according to WISH TV. 

The kits are credited with saving the life of IMPD Officer Jason Fishburn. In 2008, Fishburn was shot as he chased a murder suspect. While officers waited for medics to arrive, a trauma kit helped stabilize Fishburn.

“People tend to think,’These are for the officers,’ and they are, but they are really for the officers to be used on anyone including themselves, but just as important, our citizens,” said FOP President Rick Snyder. 

In January, an IMPD officer used a trauma kit on one of five people shot at a bar, and the man survived. 

The goal is to ensure that police departments surrounding Marion County will have the kits.

Eventually, the FOP would like to place the trauma kits in large public venues, and even in schools.   

Story by Julian Grace