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DELPHI, Ind.–The murders of Abby Williams and Libby German have not been solved, two years after they happened, near the Monon High Bridge in Carroll County, where the girls went hiking. 

Over 38,000 tips have come in, in the past two years, said the newly elected Carroll County prosecutor. He did not discuss any details about the crime that has not been discussed before, in a Wednesday news conference.

“We have detectives, officers and analysts working on these tips and investigating all possible evidence from these tips,” said Prosecutor Nick McLeland.

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The girls went missing Feb. 13, 2017. Their bodies were found the next day. Since then, a composite sketch of the man state police believe killed the girls has been released, along with audio of the man saying, “Down the hill,” from one of the girls’ cell phones.

McLeland said no tip is irrelevant or unusable. He also encouraged you not to do any side by side comparisons on social media, and not to talk about your tip on social.

The reward is around $240,000.

“Information is our main weapon here,” he said. “I’m confident that we’re gonna get it solved and I’m confident that we have the dedication of everybody standing behind me and everyone you don’t see here today, that they’re gonna work and dedicate their lives to this until we get it solved.”

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State Police Superintendent Doug Carter echoed McLeland’s hope.

“I’m confident it’s not gonna take that long,” he said, when asked if it would take as long to solve as April Marie Tinsley’s murder. She was kidnapped and killed 30 years ago in ft. Wayne. He killer was caught last year. 

“I think there are a lot of things happening in regards to the way we communicate, social media platforms. Somebody knows who this murderer is. Somebody knows. I really believe it’s not gonna be another April Marie Tinsley case.

“This is not a cold case. This is not closed. We aqre not done with this investigation,” said McLeland.

You can get tips in, preferrably by e-mail, at . The Tip Line: (844) 459-5786; Indiana State Police: (800) 382-7537; Carroll County Sheriff: (765) 564-2413.

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