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CARMEL, Ind.  — For the second time in less than a week, someone has been caught driving on the Monon Trail in Carmel. 

Ben Matthews told WISH-TV he was riding his bike on the trail Monday morning when he saw someone turn onto the trail at 111th Street.

Video taken by Matthews shows the car’s headlights approaching Matthews as he rides his bike down the trail.

The vehicle passed Matthews, who was not hurt in the encounter.

Matthews said the driver appeared to notice their mistake, because they weren’t on the trail for very long.

“They seemed to realize their mistake after almost half a mile, so they turned around and drove back toward 111th St.,” he told WISH-TV.

Matthews said he rides his bike to work most days, but this is the first time’s he’s encountered a vehicle on the Monon.

“In the thousands of miles I have commuted on or ridden on the Monon, I have never seen someone driving on the Monon (besides police or emergency personnel) until today,” Matthews told WISH. “Maybe better signage needs to be put in place to clear any confusion?”

(WISH-TV contributed to this story.)

(Photo from a video posted on Facebook by Ben Matthews.)