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INDIANAPOLIS–Two new delivery trucks that run entirely on electricity and have a long battery life were revealed Wednesday at the 2019 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. Both trucks are made by Spartan Motors, Inc., which has been working to make electric trucks more affordable.

One of the trucks is for large deliveries and is powered by lithium ion batteries. 

“All electric, 100 percent. The vehicle can get a range with those three batteries of somewhere between 80 to 90 miles,” said Spartan Director of Engineering Eric Fisher. He said the safety features are also powered by the batteries. That includes a 360 degree camera.

The second truck is for deliveries and can make over 100 stops per day. It is also ergonomically made, so that the driver doesn’t get worn out getting in and out.

“That vehicle right now, based on the battery pack technology that we put i nto it, should get about a 110 mile range,” said Fisher.

He said that current battery technology has allowed the price of batteries to come down, so that in some places, the trucks can be offered at close to the same price as a truck that uses gas or diesel. 

That made this project, these electric vehicles, a lot more cost-effective,” said Fisher.

“By introducing these new vehicles and corresponding technologies, our goal is to advance the future of electric vehicles for the last mile delivery segment; and in doing so, create a better experience for our customers, operators, and consumers,” said Spartan Motors President and CEO Daryl Adams. 


PHOTO: Spartan Motors