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(Adam Calaitzis/Getty Images)

The Indiana House is putting a $50 million bounty on Terre Haute’s quest to get a casino moved from Gary, according to WIBC host Rob Kendall. Is that the case?

Co-host Abdul-Hakim Shabazz told Kendall that the House is proposing a transfer fee, which essentially is a fee that the state wants to charge the holder of the Gary, Indiana Casino license to move their casino from Gary to Terre Haute.


“That sounds like extortion. What they are saying is that, ‘you as a community who could desperately use this economic development tool may only have it if you may her majesty $50 million dollars.’ What sort of regulation are they going to do with that $50 million?”

Click the link below to get the full rundown from Rob and co-host Abdul-Hakim Shabazz.