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(Helen H. Richardson/Getty Images)

Emergency responders in Nebraska claim that the jolt from hitting a giant pothole saved a man’s life by restoring his racing heart back to a normal rhythm.

According to a report from news station WOWT, rescue crews in Gretna were dispatched last Monday to rush the 59-year-old unidentified patient with an irregular heartbeat to a hospital.

During the drive, the man’s heart reportedly skyrocketed to a rate of 200 beats per minute — more than twice the average resting heart rate for older adults.

When the ambulance hit a massive pothole, however, his heart rate miraculously returned to a normal rhythm.

“It’s rare, but it’s a well-described phenomenon,” Dr. Andrew Goldsweig of Nebraska Medicine told WOWT.

Goldsweig said a “big jolt” often helps treat a rapid heartbeat.

Bottom line: If you happen to go into cardiac arrest at any point in the future, don’t call 911. Simply hop in your car and go for a drive in downtown Indianapolis. 

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