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This weekend’s shooting at a San Diego synagogue was yet another grisly reminder of the increasing need for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves by carrying a legal and registered firearm into their places of worship and other so-called “soft targets,” according to WIBC host Tony Katz.

“All places or worship are soft targets,” Katz told his audience Monday morning. “If you show up to your synagogue on a Friday night or your church on a Sunday morning without a firearm, there is something wrong with you.”

One victim was killed and three others were injured when a gunman opened fire Saturday at Congregation Chabad in Poway, north of San Diego. By late Sunday morning, all three injured victims had been discharged from a hospital. 

Lori Kaye, 60, was shot while attempting to shield the rabbi and later died from her injuries.

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, 57, was shot in the hand and suffered wounds to both his index fingers, a doctor at the Palomar Medical Center told a reporter from CNN.

A perceived rise in shootings at places of worship are prompting ever-increasing calls for restrictions on gun ownership and concealed carry via government legislation.

In the city of Indianapolis, some local businesses and places of worship have attempted to circumvent the Second Amendment and implement their restrictions, designating their establishments, churches and synagogues as “gun free zones.”

WIBC host Tony Katz’s told his audience to shop, eat and worship elsewhere under those circumstances.

“Change churches, change synagogues, or fire your rabbi or pastor,” Katz advised his listeners on Monday. “I’m not kidding.”

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