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Our neighbors to the North have done it again!

The Canadian government has revised a report that is supposed to update its citizens on the major terrorist threats they face by removing all references to Islamist extremism.

The report, which was first released in December, had initially identified attackers “inspired by violent Sunni Islamist ideology” as the main terrorist threat to Canada; however, that line has since been removed. 

In addition, all mentions of “Sunni” and “Shia” extremism were taken out of the government’s annual report, along with section headings on both types of terrorism.

According to Global News:

The so-called Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their regional affiliates use terrorism to promote their versions of Sunni Islamist extremist ideology, while Hezbollah is a Shia extremist group.

But Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told reporters Thursday he wanted the terrorist threat report to use language that “did not impugn or condemn an entire religion.”

“The issue here are people who engage in terrorist activity that actually defies the precept of their religion, so to allow their deviant behavior to be a criticism of a total religion or a total culture is just wrong,” he said.

“The idea, the objective here is to get language which is precise, which focuses on the issue that is being reported on in a clear and accurate way that does not impugn an entire community or an entire religion that is not responsible for the terrorist behavior.”

Ralph Goodale on why Shia and Sunni references were removed:

WIBC host Tony Katz cut to the point on the real-world cost of Canada’s PC agenda:

“If we aren’t willing to deal with the actual problem honestly, how can we possibly deal with what’s going on? And the more we decide we don’t want to talk about radical Islamic terrorism because we don’t want to be offensive, the more we damage ourselves as a society.”

Click the link below to hear Tony’s full commentary: