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INDIANAPOLIS — The two men charged in the shooting of two Clark County judges in Indianapolis are due in court this Friday at 1:00 p.m.

By Tuesday, Indianapolis Metro Police had arrested both Brandon Kaiser and Alfredo Vazquez. Kaiser, a 41-year-old man, is accused of pulling the trigger. Investigators say he shot Circuit Court Judge Brandon Jacobs twice in the chest and his fellow Circuit Court Judges Andrew Adams in the stomach.

Both are still in the hospital recovering. 

“We’re ecstatic that the two suspects have been arrested and they’ll face their day in court,” said Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel. “It’s good. You feel a little safer and it’s gratification from a law enforcement stand point. I feel a little more at ease, especially for the families.”

Both men were identified using surveillance video from a camera in the parking lot of the downtown Indianapolis White Castle where the shooting happened. Police say they also got their names from a bar tap at Kilroy’s where Kaiser and Vazquez had been kicked out of less than an hour before the shooting.

The drove in an SUV to White Castle where the two judges and another person are seen talking to each other outside the restaurant. The two men interact with the group and then Kaiser is seen pulling out a gun and firing shots. 

“A man took a gun and tried to kill two individuals and then another man got in the vehicle and fled with individual. Those are the only facts that really matter,” said Larry Wilder, a lawyer who is representing the judges.

He stops short of accusing the two men of targeting the judges, but added that “you can tell that a couple people got out of a car and were looking for something to do, not just have White Castles and Big Red.”

Police say Kaiser was arrested earlier in the week on May 4th, after a stand off with SWAT officers at a house on the east side. Kaiser had locked himself inside the home for about three hours before walking out without incident.

Vazquez was found not too far away from where Kaiser was. IMPD said Tuesday that both had been arrested. Kaiser is charged with attempted murder and Vazquez is charged with assisting a criminal.

(PHOTO: Kevin Ratermann/WISH-TV)