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INDIANAPOLIS— A vote from the Indianapolis City-County Council could help bring economic development to an area on Indy’s east side. 

The area the city is looking to help is by Brookville Road and Irvington Plaza. It has struggled, losing thousands of jobs and has had more businesses leave than join the plaza over the last few years. 

Monday night, the Council voted to create an economic development area.  Now, the Metropolitan Development Commission must give the final approval. 

Basically, it means that businesses can be a part of government programs to help with the cost to either start or expand their stores. 

There are storefronts in the Irvington Plaza with empty lots, shuttered doors and rent signs. A teenager tied to rob one of the pawn stores in February. He was shot and killed. 

“It probably paints a pretty desolate picture,” said Kent Moore, who lives next to the plaza. 

For years nothing has really happened. But there’s hope change could be on the way with the economic development area taking a step toward becoming reality on Monday. 

“I just think it would give the boost to the east side that it has been looking for,” said Zella Rosene, who lives across the street from the plaza. 


Story by Eric Feldman