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Prepare yourselves, downtown commuters. We’re losing a key interchange on I-70 this Monday, and the closure lands smack dab in the middle of rush hour while lasting a whole week.

The heavily travelled ramps to and from I-70 and Meridian St. will close Monday morning (9/23) at 4am so crews can repair winter damage through paving and joint repair. The ramps are scheduled to reopen Friday morning (9/27) at 6am.

For your inconvenience, that’s four morning and four evening rush hours:

I-70 Meridian St. Ramps Closed

(Photo Credit: INDOT)

As the map shows, the ramps scheduled to close for maintenance are:

  • Eastbound I-70 to Meridian St.
  • Westbound I-70 to Meridian St.
  • Meridian St. to Eastbound I-70
  • Meridian St. to westbound I-70


During the closure, the West St. and Harding St. interchanges will remain open. These are viable options for eastbound I-70 drivers choosing to exit before the closure. Drivers can also exit after by advancing into the south split and turning northbound onto I-65/70, then exiting at Washington St. 

Flip it around for westbound I-70 drivers. 

**A note about the Harding St. reroute:

If you exit on Harding St. and turn north, the first option to head east into downtown is Oliver Ave. Unfortunately, the bridge over the White River is still being repaired. This will force drivers on Oliver Ave to reroute north onto S. White River Pkwy. W. Dr., then east on Washington St. and into downtown. Going south on Harding St. seems the better option, with eastbound Morris St. free and clear of construction.

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