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WASHINGTON, D.C. —  President Trump says the news media should be spending more time investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who had some business interests in Ukraine. 

It appears Vice President Mike Pence agrees. 

“He had a quid pro quo. He said to Ukrainian officials, ‘You will not get over a billion dollars in American aid unless you fire a prosecutor who just happened to be investigating a company that Vice President Biden’s son was on the very board of,” Pence said. 

Pence is defending Trump’s actions as due diligence for the country. 

“He mentioned Vice President Biden and his son in the context of us wanting to see honest government. That’s exactly what the American taxpayer would expect,” Pence said. 

Talking with reporters Monday in New York, Trump again denied having an inappropriate conversation with Ukraine’s president and said he asserted no pressure on Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.  The July call prompted a whistleblower complaint to the intelligence community’s inspector general, or I.G.  

The White House is now blocking congressional demands to see the report.    

(PHOTO: Peter Summers/Getty Images)