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STATEWIDE--It may not feel like fall now, but it will start to feel like fall soon. 

Joe Skowronek, National Weather Service of Indianapolis Meteorologist, says it will stay really warm across the state until the middle of the week. 

“Once we get in to Thursday and then the weekend, it will cool off a bit by then. We can expect highs in the upper 80s or low 90s through Wednesday. By Thursday, highs will only be in the 70s. Then in the weekend, we’ll only see highs in the 60s,” Skowronek said.

So why is this unseasonably warm weather happening? He says it’s because of the position of the jet stream.  

“The position of the jet stream is coming out of the southwest, so it’s bringing in a lot of warm air that’s normally in the southern part of the U.S. It’s bringing that weather into this area,” Skowronek said. 

Jet streams are fast, meandering currents in the atmosphere that often dictate the flow of the storms across the planet. 

“Later in this week, the jet stream will shift more to a northwest direction, so that will bring in cooler air by that time,” Skowronek said. 

You may have seen that there has been frequent cold weather, such as the heavy snow that’s been falling in Montana. Skowronek said the remnants of that weather out west could reach Indiana by the weekend. 

“That’s why we’re expecting it to cool off by the weekend, but it’s not going to snow or anything. There could be some thunderstorms towards the middle of the week as the cooler air is coming in, but overall a pretty dry week. The better chances for storms will be in northern Indiana and then lower chances the further you go south,” Skowronek said. 

(PHOTO: National Weather Service Indianapolis)