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Last year, HGTV bought the “Brady Bunch House” located in Studio City, CA for $3.5 million.  That home was used just for the exterior shots from 1969-1974.  The interior of the Brady Bunch home were sets in a studio.  The actual house didn’t even have a second level!  

So, over the last year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the “Brady Bunch”, HGTV has been renovating the home to replicate what we saw on TV.  Even the furnishings, from the carpet in Greg’s groovy attic room…to the vase that broke when the boys weren’t supposed to be playing ball in the house.  It’s pretty incredible as you might have seen on the documentary that’s recently aired on HGTV.  

Huge Brady Bunch fan Missy Livengood from Indy watched it, and saw that HGTV is giving away the opportunity to spend a week in the newly renovated “Brady Bunch House”.  She created a video, as did 3,000 others.  But, hers is so good, that it landed her a spot in the Top 10.  She has a real chance, but you gotta vote for her video before Oct. 11th!  VOTE RIGHT NOW!

If she wins, she also receives $25,000, but she wants to share by acts of kindness.  Giving money to her favorite charities, and strangers in need.  She’s just got to win!  I’m cheering for you Missy Livengood!