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WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg fired back at his opponents in the 2020 race. The South Bend mayor had some heated exchanges in Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Ohio. 

In an argument about gun policy, former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke accused him of being limited by polls and focus groups, and Buttigieg told O’Rourke, “I don’t need lessons from you on courage, political or personal.”  

He also had a heated exchange with Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard about foreign policy in Syria.  Both candidates are veterans.  Gabbard said she believes in withdrawing troops from Syria, and Buttigieg argued that President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops is “undermining the honor of our soldiers.”  He said, “This president has betrayed American values,” and “our credibility has been tattered.”

The most popular topic during the debate was President Trump. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren accused Trump of obstructing justice repeatedly.  California Senator Kamala Harris said Trump has committed crimes “in plain sight.”  Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders called Trump corrupt.  Former Vice President Joe Biden said the House has no choice but to move toward impeachment.  

A remark by presidential candidate Julian Castro was the most-tweeted-about moment of last night’s debate, when he argued against mandatory gun buybacks, and brought up the recent shooting in Texas of a 28-year-old black woman who was shot by a white police officer performing a welfare check. Castro said, “I am not going to give these police officers another reason to go door to door in certain communities, because police violence is also gun violence.”