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MUNCIE, Ind.–The odds are if you’re a Democrat, you approve of the impeachment inquiry. If you’re a Republican, it’s just the opposite. Those are the results of an Old National Bank/Ball State survey, that says Hoosiers are divided right down the middle on impeachment.

“It’s a very partisan issue,” said Chad Kinsella, assistant professor of Political Science at Ball State. “It mirrors very closely with Trump approval.”

In the telephone survey of 600 adult Hoosiers, only 43 percent of those responding approved of the House impeachment inquiry compared to 48 percent who disapproved.
“Unlike recent national polls, which indicate a slight majority of Americans approve of the House impeachment inquiry against President Trump, this statewide survey shows that Hoosiers are less supportive of the inquiry” said Kinsella.
Approval of the impeachment inquiry is polarized along partisan lines.  
“The survey indicates that 77 percent of Republicans disapprove of the impeachment inquiry, independents are evenly split on approval and disapproval of the inquiry at 44 percent each way, and 82 percent of Democrats approve of the impeachment inquiry,” Kinsella said. “Clearly, this is a divisive issue among Hoosiers as it is nationally and will set the stage for the upcoming presidential election in 2020.”  

Kinsella said independents are split right down the middle. The survey did not get into the reasons people approve or disapprove.

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