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INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers will be experiencing the first real snowfall of the season this afternoon, and that means the roads will get slick.

That means it’s time for tips and reminders on how you should drive in the snow.

“There’s so many things that you can do as a driver that will increase your safety, and the safety of those around you,” says Sgt. John Perrine with Indiana State Police. 

“Don’t panic. Just take your time, slow down, and please, just drive safely,” Perrine said. 

He says on one snow day, ISP will report to nearly 100 crashes — and that’s just in Indianapolis.

“Every crash that we go to could’ve been prevented,” Perrine said. “The snow and the road conditions are never, ever the cause of the crash. The cause of the crash is somebody’s driving.”

Along with driving carefully, Perrine says there are other tips to remember, like making sure your vehicle is completely clear of snow.

“Make sure your windows are cleaned off, your headlights and taillights are cleaned off,” he said. “Don’t just scrape enough of a hole where you can see out the window and try to drive like that. If you come out and your car is covered in snow, clean all the snow off.” 

Another important tip this time of the year? Never leave your car running unattended.

“You know, everyone wants to get into a warm car when it’s cold outside, but the problem is, theft is often a crime of opportunity,” Perrine said. “A thief might be driving by, or walking by, and see your car running, and the keys are in it, they can get in it and drive away with minimal work.”

Perrine adds that you should never have a car running if it’s in a garage, as it can contaminate your car and your entire house. 

Also, if you end up crashing, and your exhaust pipe is covered in snow, you should turn off your vehicle to prevent carbon monoxide from getting inside.