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WASHINGTON — Ousted U.S.-Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is next up in the House impeachment investigation. 

She’ll testify in the second impeachment hearing this morning. Yovanovitch was recalled after running afoul of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who was conducting unofficial diplomacy in Ukraine. 

Yovanovitch said in a deposition to the House Intelligence Committee that officials in Kiev and Washington told her that she was being targeted by the President’s personal lawyer.

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Testifying this week, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent accused Giuliani of launching a smear campaign against Yovanovitch. 

Kent said Giuliani’s efforts to “gin up politically motivated investigations” infected relations with Ukraine. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ratcheted up her own rhetoric on Thursday, charging that Trump engaged in “bribery.” 

During a Capitol briefing, Pelosi said Trump attempted to bribe Ukraine’s president by delaying planned U.S. military aid while pushing for an investigation of Democrats. 

Pelosi also called this week’s first House impeachment hearing a “successful day for truth.”

Many Republicans want the identity of the whistleblower to be revealed to other lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee. Pelosi defended the anonymity of the federal whistleblower, saying whistleblowers must be free to “speak truth to power,” without fear of retribution.

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