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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)  — An emerging neighborhood is fighting back against plans to move an auto salvage business into the area.

People who live in the Old Southside neighborhood say they’re worried about noise, increased traffic, and environmental damage.

Across the street from a proposed salvage yard are a new house and another one under construction. Both are being funded in part by a $4 million grant from the city designed to revitalize the neighborhood.

Jed Fuller of Impact Old Southside would like to see light industrial or a warehouse there instead of a salvage yard.

“Nobody would want this in their neighborhood. I know places like this have to exist, we’ve got to have these kinds of services, and they have to be somewhere. But nobody wants it in a residential area,” said Fuller.

News 8 has been told that Joliet-U-Pull-It, an auto salvage company out of Joliet, Illinois, is interested in leasing this 17-acre plot of land. The area is already zoned for heavy industrial use and the western edge of the property runs along a railyard and similar heavy industry.

Parker Brown and his wife live almost right across the street from the property that could become the facility.

“I feel like this is making the south side more industry instead of recreational, less focus on families and more focus on the industry. Because, yeah, it is going to provide more jobs, but is it going to provide more jobs for the neighborhood or for people that are in other areas going to get jobs?” said Brown.

The owner of the land and business partner bought the land almost two years ago. They have a reputation in the area as being good stewards and have given to neighborhood projects whenever asked.

They told News 8 the prospective tenant plans build a grass-covered berm around the property and is looking for ways to minimize traffic on Meridian Street and neighborhoods to the north.

(Photo by WISH-TV.)