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STATEWIDE — Gas prices are heading down as we get closer to Christmas.

That’s good news if you are driving to your Christmas destination this week. The cheapest gas in Indiana is in the northwestern part of the state. Two Speedway stations in Hobart have gas as low as $2.22 per gallon.

In the Indianapolis area, the cheapest gas is $2.35 at a Thornton’s off Pendleton Pike and Shadeland Avenue. Oil expert Trilby Lundberg said the decline in prices is thanks to their being more oil available than what is needed to meet demand.

“We have so much gasoline versus demand,” she said. “This is our lowest-demand season. Crude oil prices are up and what is also up is the churning out of gasoline by refineries here in the US. Inventories are bulging.”

Lundberg expects the lower gas prices to stay put through the holiday season. After that, you will likely see gas prices go back up a bit as retailers around the country face higher costs.

(PHOTO: bizoo-n/Thinkstock)