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WASHINGTON — The Republican-controlled Senate is expected to formally acquit President Trump this afternoon. 

Trump was impeached by the Democrat-led House in December for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in the investigation of the Ukraine scandal. 

Senate Republicans blocked Democrat efforts to subpoena some key witnesses and documents that have been withheld by the White House. 

The President will likely claim exoneration. Democrats have argued that Trump cannot be exonerated after a trial that did not include witnesses and pertinent documents. 

Both of Indiana’s senators, Todd Young, and Mike Braun, have said they will vote to acquit President Trump. In order for the president to be convicted, 20 Republicans would have to vote to convict along with every Democrat. 

Trump is only the third president in U.S. history to be impeached by the House. The Senate impeachment trial started on January 16th.  

(PHOTO: Pool/Getty Images)