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INDIANAPOLIS–Josh Owens has dropped out of the race for governor, even though he met the qualifications and got the signatures. The announcement means it will likely be a two-man race, between Gov. Eric Holcomb on the Republican side and former state health commissioner Dr. Woody Myers, on the Democrat side.

Owens endorsed Myers in a statement sent out Wednesday afternoon.

“During this primary, I’ve had many discussions with Dr. Woody Myers about the future of Indiana and the desperate need for new leadership in the Governor’s office. While we have some differences, I’m encouraged that like me, he’s not a career politician. Dr. Myers brings an outsider’s perspective to our politics, which is urgently needed,” he said.
“One of the things Dr. Myers and I have agreed on is the need to avoid a divisive Democratic Primary. As of today, I will be suspending my campaign and supporting Dr. Myers as he becomes the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor.”

Owens is the CEO of SupplyKick, a tech company based in Indianapolis.
Owens said he believes Myers will act of climate change, universal background checks and on behalf of teachers. 

“Dr. Myers has the experience, the background, and the vision for success that Indiana deserves. I am proud to be supporting him as he takes our fight into the November election,” said Owens.

Myers was equally as cordial in a statement he released around the same time.

“Over the past several months, like thousands of Hoosiers, I have been impressed by Josh Owens and his campaign for Governor. His vision and passion for Indiana has been seen around this great state. I’m humbled and honored by his decision to withdraw from the race so that we can all focus on bringing new leadership to the Governor’s office to create solutions to benefit every Hoosier this November,” he said.

“I look forward to working with him to bring access to affordable health care, high-quality education and good-paying jobs to Hoosiers throughout Indiana.”

State Sen. Eddie Melton was also in the race on the Democrat side, but dropped out.

PHOTO: Josh Owens campaign