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Source: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic / Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

INDIANAPOLIS —During Katt Williams’ show at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum on Saturday, chaos erupted as a fight broke out among the audience, prompting the show to stop.

Video footage captured the disturbance, with loud shouts, movement, and security intervention.

Despite attempts to calm the situation, many guests left.

Social media buzzed with frustration over the abrupt end to the evening.


In one part of the video, someone seems to have red fluid on their face, suggesting they might have been hurt during the incident.

James Herron and his wife, Tierra talked with the IndyStar:

Earlier in the night, well before Williams took the stage, a man sitting in the row in front of me was consistently invading my personal space, he told the IndyStar.

Because the seats were so close, the back of the man’s head in the row in front of me would be close to my lap whenever he leaned back.

“I tapped him and I’m like, ‘Hey man I’m not trying to stop your good time; but can you please stop putting your head in my lap?’” Herron said.

Herron, 35, said the man responded with a dismissive gesture; and he walked to concessions to keep calm.

The guy’s friend though encouraged the man to fight Herron, he said.

Williams could be heard in the video below calling it quits after the melee.

“Thank y’all for coming. God bless you. Have a good night,”  he said.

TMZ reported that reps for Katt Williams said the show was cut only five minutes early.