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Chambers and Katz

Source: WIBC / WIBC

INDIANAPOLIS –Brad Chambers, who used to be the Commerce Secretary of Indiana and is now running for Governor as a Republican, claims that he’s the only contender in the election who prioritizes creating opportunities and ensuring transparency in economic matters.

Chambers spoke with Tony Katz as part of a series featuring all the Indiana Republican candidates for governor.

“First and foremost, we need to keep our kids and our grandkids here by high wage future-focused industry,” Chambers told Katz. “I have proved that that is doable if you play to win. We’re below the U.S. average on wages, which holds people back. That touches every Hoosier, and that’s the one thing a governor does.”

Chambers says he’s always been a hard worker, adding that he began working at 12. He explained that he ran a profitable landscaping business, which allowed him to cover college expenses.

“My sophomore year at IU, one of the partners came to us and said that he wanted to buy the business,” he said. “So we valued the business. We knew what we were making, we knew what we were netting, and we valued the business at $20,000, so that means everybody got a $5,000 check. I was curious about real estate, and I went through the Indy Star real estate section and found a bank repo for $5,000.”

Chambers explains that he and his partner acquired a property and dedicated time to renovating and managing it. Building on that experience, he expanded his portfolio by purchasing more properties, eventually owning 31 when he graduated from Indiana University.

Chambers resigned as Indiana Commerce Secretary and Head of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation on August 6, 2021, after serving in that position for two years.