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Andrew Hsu

Source: St. Joseph County Jail / other

**Warning: Reader discretion is advised**

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — A man in northern Indiana is charged with bestiality and torturing an animal.

Andrew Hsu was arrested and served the charges on Monday. He’s accused of making videos of himself having sex with a dog inside his apartment in Mishawaka. A witness, who knew Hsu through a dating app, tipped police off when they came across a link to a video in which Hsu appears to be abusing the dog.

According to court documents, Hsu had taken the dog to the vet in February as the dog was having issues with incontinence and was also bleeding because of those issues. Investigators say Hsu also tied the dog up to a tree outside for a while because of its incontinence.

When police were given the video link of Hsu’s actions they studied it thoroughly to make sure it was now a “deepfake.” They determined it was not made with artificial intelligence. Soon after a warrant was issued for Hsu’s arrest.

He’s now in the St. Joseph County Jail and could get upwards of two years in prison if convicted.