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Source: Fortville Police Department / FPD

INDIANAPOLIS — Two people are accused in a counterfeiting scheme.

Court documents say Tommy Lee Jackson, Jr. and Kenneth Johnson printed up a lot of fake 100-dollar bills and used them to buy lots of expensive items at stores throughout the Indy Metro. They even ventured into Fortville and swindled some businesses there.

“We want to warn the public, warn businesses, employees, and warn citizens that if you are using a $100 bill that you make sure it’s valid,” said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley on WISH-TV.

Police say the reason they were caught is that they were figured out to be using an old 100-dollar bill design since the latest security features of new bills are too difficult to replicate. The bills the pair were making look like the design used of $100 bill from 1990 to 1996.

A valid $100 bill will have a security stripe within the paper it’s printed on that is visible when you hold it up to light. It will also have microprinting around the portrait on the bill. Each bill also has a unique serial number.

Jackson and Johnson were also found out because the counterfeit bills they printed up all had the same serial number copied and pasted. Foley said if you come across someone using a counterfeit bill you should get in touch as soon as possible.

“Call 911 if it’s happening in progress, or if you are (unknowingly) in possession of a (fake) $100 bill you can call the non-emergency number,” Foley said. “there could be a number of people doing this across the city. We don’t want to limit this to just two individuals. It could be happening all across the city.”

Johnson is now in the Marion County Jail. He was caught by IMPD officers this week with a lot of fake $100 bills on him. Jackson is still on the loose.