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Indiana Republican Governor's Candidates

Source: Fox 59

INDIANAPOLIS–Four Republican candidates trying to become the next Governor of Indiana took part in a debate Tuesday night hosted by Fox 59.

Those were U.S. Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind.), former Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chamber, Indiana’s Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, and the former President of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation Eric Doden.

The debate began with all four candidates being asked what kind of leader they would be if elected. Braun said he’s already demonstrated quality leadership as a Senator.

“But also are you going to stick your neck out and get involved in issues that sometimes others won’t based on what you’ve seen, not what someone says they might do. That’s a big part of it,” said Braun.

Crouch says she’s already been showcasing good leadership.

“I am the only candidate on this stage who is going to eliminate the state’s income tax and then as Governor, we will be focusing on those Hoosiers who are battling mental illness and addiction. That is the number one issue facing us,” said Crouch.

Chambers said career politicians are not leaders.

“I believe someone who’s been in business like I have for 40 years. Building a business, building great dynamic teams to go achieve great aspirational goals. That’s the way to lead…building great teams,” said Chambers.

Doden said servant leadership is important, but building great teams will also be a focal point of his administration.

Possible deportation of migrants

Braun said anyone that barged into the U.S. without a credible fear from their native country will have to leave if he is elected.

Chambers called the current state of immigration in the US a “failure of our federal government and Congress.” He said that, if elected, Indiana National Guard troops would be mobilized to combat the fentanyl crisis. Finally, Chambers said he would “wear out [his] welcome in DC” talking to officials about these issues.

Crouch first said that President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies have allowed “6 million illegals” into our country. She said if “illegals in flux in Indiana, then we will be sure to deport them to sanctuary cities in other states. She said some migrants are bringing fentanyl into the state, killing our children and destroying our communities. She said the National Guard would be used to protect borders if elected. Crouch said she would fight to protect Indiana’s borders, farmlands and military sites.

Doden said if elected, he would send National Guard troops to the southern border. He added that, in addition to mobilizing troops, he would support Indiana law enforcement agencies to combat local drug dealers. Finally, he said his administration would give people suffering from addiction help and support to combat the fentanyl crisis. On deportation, he said he would follow the letter of the law.

On Decreasing Indiana’s Taxes

Braun did vote for a gas tax increase in 2017. As for increasing the gas tax now, he said that’s probably not needed, but we need to keep property taxes from getting out of control.

“There are other ways to get revenues by making government work more efficiently. We could look at the Department of Transportation to see if their doing their job correctly. We could maybe get some savings there to spend more on roads and bridges,” said Braun.

Crouch said she is dedicated to “ax the tax”. She wants to listen to ways to eliminate any tax the state has.

Chambers called out Braun for supporting the gas tax increase in 2017. He’s concerned about the amount of taxes Hoosiers have to deal with.

“We can always work to get that down over time without pulling the resources away from education, supporting our police, and addressing mental health and healthcare,” said Chambers.

Doden says he’s concerned about property taxes, especially those for senior citizens who are on fixed incomes. He wants their property taxes to be capped, so they don’t risk losing their homes.

“But also, I think it’s inappropriate for a Governor to make a promise that they can’t keep. Our income tax cannot be ‘axed.’ It would be a 40% blow to the budget, which is about $8 billion. We have to work with the General Assembly,” said Doden.

Crouch responded by saying that the elimination of the income tax would not happen all at once, but rather be phased in over time.


Braun says marijuana is a tricky thing because it can be laced with fentanyl and other drugs, so he says he will continue to listen to law enforcement since they have to deal with it.

“Medical marijuana is the case that’s best made where something needs to change. I hear a lot of input where that’s helpful,” said Braun.

Chambers said he would like to see medicinal marijuana be legalized, but there are conflicts between federal laws and regulations and state laws. He says those have to get resolved.

Crouch said she stands with law enforcement in being fully opposed to marijuana legalization. If elected, Crouch said she would focus on battling Hoosiers’ addiction and mental health issues rather than “legalizing another drug.”

Doden said he’s not in favor of legalizing it because Indiana has a “major addiction issue.”

“In fact, we have some of the highest addiction in the country for young people and teenagers,” said Doden. He also is concerned about the potency of marijuana.

You can hear the full debate in its entirety below.