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Source: Photo: (gorodenkoff/getty images)

BROWNSBURG, Ind. — Back on March 5th, police were sent to the home of a family in Brownsburg where a car had slammed into the house.

The car was driven by Carlos Jair Neri-Guzman, 21, who had been shot to death while he was driving. Police arrested a teenage boy not long after for the shooting. Now Jeremey Allen Briscoe, 15, is being charged as an adult by prosecutors.

Court documents say Briscoe was pinpointed as the shooter after looking over a fair amount of evidence, among which was surveillance video from a community pool parking lot nearby.

They say a meet-up was pre-arranged between Guzman and Briscoe. That’s when they say the shot was fired that wounded Guzman. He then drove off, leaving tire marks in the grass near the home, and then slammed into the house.

When police tracked down and arrested Briscoe they say he refused to speak when they took him into custody.

A search warrant executed at Briscoe’s home turned up a few guns, one of which investigators believe he used in the shooting. It did not have any serial numbers on it which makes it what police call a “ghost gun.”

Prosecutors released the charging documents on Monday in which they say they will be charging Briscoe as an adult with murder, aggravated battery, and dangerous possession of a firearm.

He is expected to be in court on Thursday, Mar. 26.