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Eric Doden

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Indiana gubernatorial candidate Eric Doden recently called out fellow candidate Mike Braun for not showing up to vote on the shutdown spending bill.

Sen. Mike Braun was at a fundraiser in Indiana when the Senate voted and approved a $1.2 trillion spending package to fund the federal government through September and end a short government shutdown.

“If Mike Braun can’t be trusted to show up and do the job he was elected to do he should resign and let someone else,” Doden posted on X.

The 74-24 Senate vote took place early Saturday morning, after Senate Democrats and Republicans spent hours negotiating what should be included in the package and missed the midnight deadline leading to a brief funding lapse.

The U.S. House has previously approved the spending bill Friday morning with a 286-134 vote.

Republican candidate Eric Doden, who has been the most critical of Braun during his gubernatorial campaign, joined the Kendall & Casey show today to discuss Braun letting the people of Indiana down to attend a fundraiser.