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Children's Lemonade Stand On Fitchett Street

Source: Scott McPartland / Getty

STATEWIDE–Lemonade stands would be protected under a bill that the House Commerce Committee approved at the Indiana Statehouse Tuesday.

The stands are currently illegal under the Indiana code, but Representative Blake Johnson says they are one of the first ways kids are introduced to running their own business.

Johnson’s bill would ban counties, cities, and homeowner associations from stopping or regulating the stands. He says there are stipulations, such as the stand can only operate two consecutive days and a total of eight days a month.

“(It’s) giving these kids the opportunity to test their chops on entrepreneurship, to be creative and learn the skills that would make them future Indiana business owners,” said Johnson.

The House previously passed a similar bill two years ago on lemonade stands but it never got a hearing in the Senate.

The bill passed 11-0 and heads to the full House.