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Source: LUDOVIC MARIN / Getty

ARRAS, France — One person is dead, and two others hurt, after they were stabbed at a school in France.

Police say a former student stabbed two teachers and a security guard at Gambetta school in northern France.  At this time, officials believe Mohamed Mogouchkov was demonstrating “Islamist terrorism.”

Apparently, Mogouchkov said, “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is greatest,” while hurting his victims.  One teacher died as a result.

French President Emmanuel Macron responded, essentially telling the French people to “stay united” and “not give in to any form of hatred.”

This is not the first time Mogouchkov’s behavior has sparked concerns, as officers claim that they were aware of his “radical” beliefs.

Unfortunately, this incident is not the only one that has occurred in the midst of the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.

That being said, it cannot be determined if Mogouchkov was acting in connection with any organizations in the Middle East.  Police say he is of Chechen origin; Chechnya is a republic of Russia.