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Mugshot of Richmond man arrested

Source: Greenfield Police Department

GREENFIELD, Ind.–A Richmond man who was wanted for indecent exposure at a Greenfield Walmart was arrested this week.

The Greenfield Police Department recently announced a new anonymous way for you to submit tips by way of a “Greenfield Police” app, which you can download from an app store on either an Apple or Android device.

“A father, essentially, had witnessed a man exposing his genitals inside of the store where he and his three daughters were. The tips came from other people in the community too, but the father filed the actual report,” said Greenfield Deputy Police Chief Chuck McMichael.

McMichael says they were able to use the information from all of the tips and identify him with surveillance video. His name is 61-year-old Charles G. Moore. He was taken to the Hancock County Jail and charged with public indecency, which is a level 6 felony.

“We got the report on October 3rd and he was arrested on October 4th, so we got the information from the tip line very quickly. The best we know is that this only occurred one time in our store with this gentlemen, but we’re getting information from our tip line that this isn’t the first time he’s done this kind of thing,” said McMichael.

The new method to submit tips anonymously has worked well, says McMichael. He says they’ve already been able to clear three missing persons cases with information they’ve gotten from the public.

“We’ve gotten some tips that don’t apply to Greenfield, but we’ve been able to send those tips to other jurisdictions. We want to continue to thank the people who continue to provide vital information. We couldn’t do our jobs without them,” said McMichael.

You can listen to the full interview with McMichael below.