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WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 21: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelens

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Americans across the political spectrum are becoming disillusioned with the act of constantly sending taxpayer dollars to Ukraine to fund their war effort.

A recent poll showed only 41% of respondents agreed with a statement that Washington “should provide weapons to Ukraine,” compared to 35% who disagreed and the rest unsure.

Support for U.S. weapon shipments is down from May, when a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed 46% of Americans backed sending arms, while 29% were opposed and the rest unsure.

The poll was taken as U.S. congressional leaders debate President Joe Biden’s request for $24 billion in additional funding for Ukraine, of which about $17 billion would be defense aid.

While the economy is suffering and Americans are struggling to get by, billions of taxpayer dollars are being sent to Ukraine to supply the country with tanks, rockets and millions of rounds of ammunition.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online and included 1,005 adults nationwide.